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Social Distancing 101..Making the most out of being quarantined.


Learning to slow down maybe a great lesson to take away from this quarantine.  We all know the quicker everyone obeys the quarantine period the quicker we can all get back to “normal”.  So, what are some things to do while you wait it out?  We thought of a few suggestions to help get you through this unique time in our lives.

One thing that you can do is stop and smell the roses.  Making a list of all the things that you want to do when this is over could help you see what you value and enjoy and where you spend your time.  What a great way to see what is truly important to you.  What do you miss and what don’t you miss? If it is old friends or family this is the perfect time to reach out with a quick letter or phone call.

Who are these people in my house? They are your family!  Go one step farther and limit the internet to a couple of hours a day. (I know it is hard) Get out some board games or a deck of cards.  Use this time to reconnect and build stronger relationships.  Spending quality time together is the best way to do that.

As a family facetime parents and grandparents on a regular basis and help them as needed.  Get virtually connected.

Get back to basics and enjoy nature.  The weather is getting nicer outside. So, go get outside! Go for walks, runs, bicycle rides, fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, canoeing, sailing, camping or even just take a book outside and read it.

It is also a great time to do some spring cleaning or sprucing up the house.  You can paint the house or refinish that piece of furniture that’s been sitting in the garage for years.  You might even discover or rediscover your passion that you forgot about during this time.  Here is a great list of a few things that you can do to your house if you are considering selling as well.

Consider Your Curb Appeal- Get that lawn in tip-top shape. Don’t forget the backyard as well.

Declutter Your Space- Get out those donation boxes

Repaint the walls to a neutral color

Fix any broken items

Clean, Clean and then clean some more

Takedown personal items to depersonalize the space

Get all your house paperwork in order

We know that living in such a fast-moving lifestyle it is hard to reset your routine.  In the long run, we all might learn to slow down a little and enjoy what is most important to us.


4 Type of mortgage loans to consider


Not all mortgage loans are created equal. Not all loan agreements will fit into you financial situation. here are four mortgage types to consider:

Construction permanent lending are ideal for builders needing custom homes. This allows the buyer to select the options that are best suited to his/her situation.

Purchase loans - these loans are geared towards keeping down payment low. They include VA, FHA and Rural development financing.

Refinance loans - homeowners wishing to lower interest rate payments can refinance to get a lower interest rate. 30 year mortgage rates are around 4.30%. If, for instance, you purchased a home at 7% you could refinance and reduce the interest payments on the loan.

Renovation loan - FHA Renovation loan is an excellent source of finance to renovate your home. Another option for renovation is a Home Equity Line of Credit HELOC

Check with your realtor before making a decision on any home mortgage.

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